Network Cabinet Accessories

We have many Network Cabinet Accessories from Cable management to Power Distribution Units , our accessories will fit into any standard 19″ Network Cabinet . We have Cabinet lights and standard Fan Trays to cool any server or rack floor or wall mount. All our floor cabinets/enclosures can be mounted on wheels or adjustable feet and bayed to other cabinets.

  • Power Strip PDU

    Power Strip PDU (6)

    An extensive range of professional grade power distribution units designed specifically for the 19″ electronic enclosure markets. These units feature an on-board protection system to guard against surges, spikes and other mains borne transients.
  • Cabinet Shelves

    Cabinet Shelves (8)

    Network cabinet Shelves are ideal for all cabinets wall and floor mount,from static to modem shelves are available.
  • Excel Cable Management Bars

    Excel Cable Management Bars (1)